Legal Requirements For
Getting Married In Cyprus

Getting married in Cyprus is not difficult however make it your priority to fully understand the legal requirements.

The following information is intended to be a starting point and guideline only.

Legal Requirements For  Getting Married In Cyprus

Although much care and effort has been taken to ensure the information provided is correct please do not take it as legal advice. I strongly advise you to consult the Embassy or High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus for first hand information.

Marriage Application

You can legally get married in Cyprus but you must make your marriage application in person to the Marriage Officer at the Municipality of your choice after you arrive in Cyprus.

Residency Requirements

You must be resident in Cyprus for 3 clear working days prior to your wedding day.

Note: the 3 days is only applicable if you apply to the Marriage Officer for the issue of a Special Licence. If you do not apply for the special licence your marriage cannot be celebrated until 15 clear days after you submit your Notice of Marriage and you will need to be resident in Cyprus for approximately 20 days.

Required Documentation

All documents must be original and taken with you to Cyprus.

  • Full Birth Certificate.
  • 10 Year Passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Sworn Affidavits - statement signed and stamped by a solicitor confirming both parties are free to marry. This must be prepared one month or less before your wedding date.
  • Notice of Marriage - this must be submitted to a marriage officer prior to your wedding.
  • If you are getting married in a church -a baptism certificate (one only is sufficient).
  • If you are divorced - a Decree Absolute.
  • If you are a widower - a Death certificate and previous Marriage Certificate.
  • If you are adopted - an Adoption certificate.
  • If you are under 18 - letter of consent from a parent or guardian.
  • If you have changed your name by deed poll - stamped proof by a solicitor.
  • If you have an Irish Passport - a Freedom to Marry Certificate (obtained from the
  • Registry office in Ireland or from an Irish Embassy if living outside of Ireland).

Sophie who got married in Cyprus found out the hard way. "When we went to the town hall to hand in our documents and it turned out I only had the copy of my divorce papers and not the original. So I had to get my solicitor to Fed-Ex it out to us. Therefore I would definitely recommend that couples make sure they have the correct paperwork".

Wedding Licence Fee

Cost: 282 euros

Certificate of Marriage

After your wedding ceremony you will be issued with a Certificate of Marriage. If you require additional certified copies they can be obtained for 13.69 euros.

According to Cypriot Law, the Marriage Officer will forward a certified copy of your Certificate of Marriage to the Embassy or the Consulate of your home country (if they are located in Cyprus).

Religious Ceremonies

If you are planning a religious ceremony the same procedure needs to be followed as stated above but in addition you will need to contact the Registered Minister of the Church where you plan to get married to make the extra arrangements required for a religious ceremony.

Note: A Catholic ceremony is not legally binding unless you first have a civil wedding ceremony.

The fee to have a Catholic ceremony is 600 euros. This includes the wedding licence fee and the cost of the Priest.

If you have an Anglican wedding ceremony you are not required to have a civil wedding ceremony.

The fee for an Anglican wedding in 630 euros. This includes a 'Form B' you have to apply and pay for at the registrar office which is 282 euros and the cost of the Priest.

For Further Information

Detailed information may be obtained directly from any Municipality or from the Union of Cyprus Municipalities.
P.O. Box 22033, CY 1516 Lefkosia (Nicosia)
Tel : +357 22 66 91 50
Fax: +357 22 67 72 30




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